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Monday April 24, 2017

ArcGIS Desktop Training

Programming ArcGIS 10.1 with Python

Course Developed by Geospatial Training Solutions


This 2 day course introduces students to the basic concepts needed to create Python Scripts which interact with Esri's ArcGIS software suite. Students learn how to create Python scripts using IDE which use the ArcPy module to access Map Document and layer controls, execute geoprocessing tools, and run queries. They also learn how to turn scripts into Add-Ins for ArcGIS Desktop which can be assigned to custom toolbars and buttons in ArcMap or ArcCatalog.

Courses Modules:

  • Fundmentals of the Python Language for ArcGIS
  • Writing basic geoprocessing scripts for ArcPy
  • Managing Map Documents and Layers
  • Finding & Fixing Broken data links
  • Automating map production & printing
  • Executing geoprocessing tools
  • Creating custom geoprocessing tools
  • Querying & selecting data
  • Using ArcPy to manipulate tables & geographic data
  • Listing and Describing data
  • Creating custom ArcGIS Add-ins with Python scripts
  • Error handling
  • 5 things every GIS programmer should know how to do in Python

Course Materials:

Cost and to order:

Instructor led Web Class: $760.00

Traditional Instructor Led Class: $825.00

Instructor Assisted eCourse: $715.00

Self-paced eCourse: $319.00

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"I want to thank you very much for this course. I think it was very well organised and provided a great foundation to build upon. I have already been using my new found Python knowledge to create custom scripts and tools for work! I am very satisfied with the price and the quality of the training received and believe it to be a great value. I look forward to future training opportunities!" -- James Kellough, MMM Group